Today, there are more self-published authors than ever before in history. I’m one of them. I’m taking this space to talk about subjects I find interesting, or deeply enjoy. My tone here will be that of respect and sincerity. That is not to say there won’t also be candor, but I’ll spare you a tale of woes (we can save those for fictitious adventures in my books). I invite you to step into this space and share your own voice. Welcome.

  • My problem with paperbacks

    September 28, 2019 by

    In a month from now I am moving to a new home location. Kind of like my site got moved from scottdmarmorstein.com to this free WordPress website FrehlyMadeVoice.blogspot.com In the process of moving you confront all the stuff you stow away in daily life and never look at again. One of those things was old… Read more

  • Wizard & The Jewel update

    August 27, 2019 by

    This book has undergone some needed surgery. I’m pleased to announce that the due date will now (hopefully) be February of 2020 for publication. If all goes well, the final draft will be completed in a month or two, and edits will continue through January until it can be released. Stay tuned for more information… Read more

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