My problem with paperbacks

In a month from now I am moving to a new home location. Kind of like my site got moved from to this free WordPress website

In the process of moving you confront all the stuff you stow away in daily life and never look at again. One of those things was old paperback books I had made of novels I’ve written and needed to edit. Well, I’m telling myself “never again”. It’s devastating to sit here and rip the books to shreds realizing what a waste it all was. So I need to figure out a way that is more ecologically friendly and yet makes it possible for my editor to help me out. I know there’s a solution that’s screen based and doesn’t require paper. But it’s going to be challenge because my editor wants actual paper. Maybe it’s time for a new editor goin forward. But take a look at this and tell me it isn’t at least a little heart breaking:

This is why making my books available in paperback is something I’m seriously considering not doing ever again. The waste is real. The damage is real. If you’re a self-published author I encourage you to think about your own editing process and what might be in store for you should you need to make a move. Just saying. And now, back to the packing up and getting rid of it all.

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